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    You Ask & the Quran Answers


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    You Ask & the Quran Answers

    Message par Admin le Sam 27 Aoû 2011 - 1:06

    You Ask & the Quran Answerse

    Author : Muhammad YAhia Al - Toom

    C O N T E N T S :

    Who is the creator ?

    Who is Allah ?

    Did you think that Allah created you only for play and without any purpose ?

    For what did Allah create mankind ?

    What did Allah command us to do ?

    From where shall we seek guidance?

    Who shall we invoke in time of disaster?

    What happened to the previous nations when they disobeyed Allah ?

    Does Allah guard and save the Quran from corruption ?

    Who should we worship ?

    What is the religion of Allah ?

    What is the religion accepted by Allah ?

    Where does the Quran come from ?

    Why did Allah send messengers ?

    Do we have to believe in all the messengers ?

    What happened to the previous scriptures ?

    Who is the last messenger ?

    To whom did Allah send the last messenger Prophet Muhammad?

    What did Allah prepare for those among the Jews and Christians who believe ?

    What is the likeness of lsa ( Jesus ) before Allah ?

    What did Allah say about Mary ?

    Was Jesus crucified and died on the cross ?

    Was Jesus the son of God ( Allah ) ?

    How could you be secure ?

    What is the life of this world ?

    Whatever of blessings and good things you have , is it from Allah ?

    How could you guarantee the blessings of Allah ?

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